Dorm Life For The First Time

October 09, 2018

It has been a while right? You must be wondering of my whereabouts and why I didn't even bother to write an entry.

Well truth be told, I have been busy (for real though, when did I not?) The past month was hectic and crazy I don't even remember much of it.

Back to the main topic, I started my dorming life for the very first time in my life. I was very nervous because 1) This is my first time living away from home and 2) I'm no more at Sabah.

I get insecure telling my private life so I'm just gonna let it out for a teeny little bit . I entered college a week ago, just enrolled so I'm gonna say that I'm a freshie still.

Obviously with dorming, you'll have roommates right? And I got to say a week knowing my roommates so far they are great. Really.

It actually didn't feel like it's only been a week I arrived here as it already feels like I'm here for so long.

Classes were supposed to start yesterday but it seems like a spell because I told my roommates that usually the first classes got cancelled for some reason and turns out I was right. Our first class got cancelled and for some reason, I don't really feel excited nor happy because it got cancelled as I'm kinda looking forward for it.

That aside, I think I can cope with dorming life. Honestly, the homesick was unbearable but I think I can manage because I've always wanted to continue my studies and now that I've got to do it, homesick is only my key to do well I think. There's no way I will come home without any improvement right?

Wish me luck guys and I'm terrible sorry for not updating in so long.

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